About Us

VSTAR LONDON FAMILY OFFICE LTD., was founded in 2020. Relying on the parent company, we have excellent partners in many industries. We can provide a variety of services for students studying in the UK, such as airport pickup, rental, house purchase analysis, air ticket purchase, etc.

At the same time, we provide a variety of education related consulting services, such as school application consulting, makeup program consulting, career development planning consulting, business consulting, family office framework building consulting, etc.

Business Category
The company's main business mainly consists of three categories.

Education Support Services

Business Support Services Activities

Management Consulting Activities

Education Support Services
Consulting service for customized curriculum program
(make-up program)

Children who come to study in the UK need different make-up programs based on their different academic performance. We provide curriculum test and customized make-up program for each child.

Consulting service for children attending special summer/winter camps
Consulting service for children's education planning and school choice
Airport pick-up/drop-off service

We provide customers with Mercedes-Benz
MPV high-end shuttle service.

Airport drop-off: We will take the customers from their homes to security checkpoints, and assist them with luggage handling and boarding (we also provide pickup service for COVID-19 nucleic acid testing in preparation for boarding to the designated countries).

Airport pick-up: We will pick up the
customers from the arrivals to their homes/schools, and assist them with
supplies purchasing and luggage handling.

Consulting service for semester report analysis and improvement program
Consulting service for high school graduates to choose an undergraduate major
Housing rental service for international students
Business Support Service Activities

Consulting service for air ticket purchasing and transfer flight for international students

Due to the COVID-19 control measures in some countries, there is a significant imbalance between supply and demand of air tickets. We provide air ticket purchasing service for international students. We also provide different transfer flight programs. Each country available for transfer flight may have different policies on COVID-19 nucleic acid testing and obtaining the destination country's traffic permit before boarding. We provide consulting service for international students who are confused about transfer flight.


Consulting service for house purchase analysis

Consulting service for house purchase analysis: House property in the UK is one of the best solutions for international buyers to maintain and increase their assets. However, what kind of property in which region can be more effective in maintaining and increasing their assets is a troubling problem for international buyers. In addition, new immigrants have little knowledge of the UK property market. We provide consulting service for house purchase analysis for international buyers and new immigrants.

Management Consulting Activities
Consulting service for career development planning for college graduates
Newly graduated college students will step into the society. Some of the college graduates will be confused about their future career development planning. We provide consulting service for career development planning to these college graduates.
Consulting service for family office structure
We provide consulting service for family office structure for high net worth customers.
Business consulting
We mainly provide feasibility analysis consulting for customers who want to set up a company in the UK.

ONE STOP SERVICES for High Net Wealth Individuals

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